Friday, August 29, 2008


When we ask God for something and we get it, it may be that our getting what we want is not a sign of God's approval. God could answer our prayer affirmatively yet not be pleased with our request. His "yes" to us may end up being a learning experience, even a hardship, so that we will see what is really best. So, if we ask and receive our request that may or may not reflect God's approval.
In Deut. 17 God gave instruction about Israel asking for a king. In 1 Samuel 8 Israel asks for a king. The request is considered an evil thing by Samuel (1 Sam. 12:17). However, God still chooses a king for them. Their request is granted even though it was an "evil thing." So Saul becomes king, an impressive man, very tall. He is humble at first but then in the heat of battle and because he is afraid he is presumptuous and offers a sacrifice to God (offerings were to be BLESSED by priests). God had already taught Saul that lesson (9:13). So, Saul turns out to be a dud even though God chose him. BUT God chose him to give Israel what they wanted. But their desire was not God's will. Israel got Saul so God could teach them again about being obedient. Read Samuel's sermon to Israel 1 Samuel 12:20-25.
LESSON: Answered prayer, getting what we want, may not necessarily be proof of God's approval. God may be answering "yes" for some other reason than it being his will to do so....Trusting God is an interesting walk....Foree


daniel orozco said...


glad to see you using this forum.


da momma said...

hmmm...Thanks 4E! never thought of it that way. luv ya!

Foree said...

"Da Momma" - it is intersting and reminds me that we have to be very careful about discerning God's will. So we remind ourselves that as much as we know and as clear as things might seem to us God is the one in control and His will is what counts. I guess we have to wait and the invisible...Foree

kj7 said...

Good thoughts. This is something I struggle with daily! Thanks for sharing what's on your heart.