Monday, August 25, 2008

God's Hand

While reading the Old Testament it is interesting to read and look for God's hand in the lives of those who followed him. When God called Abram out of UR it began a journey in his life which culminated at Moriah. God had given Abraham the promise of a nation from his loins. The problem was Abram was old and his wife was barren. Then, after Isaac's arrival, God sent Abraham to Moriah to sacrifice his son of promise. On the way up the hill with Isaac in tow Abraham reasoned that God would raise Isaac from the dead after he was sacrificed (Hebrews 11:17-19). That reasoning illustrates the depth of confidence (faith) that Abraham had in God.
That level of faith did not come over night. God made Abraham and Sarah wait many years before Isaac was born. God managed Abraham through his journeys and had patience with him in is failings (remember he lied about Sarah being his wife and at one time even asked if Ishmael could live under His blessing). God's hand was aways there even when Abraham was wondering or faltering or laughing at God's plan.
Often God's hand is not readily obvious. God is there all along in our journeys and in that process our faith grows. The growth comes with God being with us even when we are not completely with Him. When a test comes and faith becomes evident then we can look back and see how God has grown that faith in us through the other trials of our lives.
God is always there patiently helping and providing and even testing. At various moments as we walk with Him we might wonder what he is doing. That is his business, ours is to trust. Then some event comes along and faith surprises us. We know for sure He is there and finally assured we are there with him. Foree

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