Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now What?

A few weeks ago my wife was robbed while coming out of grocery store. She was unloading her groceries from her basket into the car and another car pulled up slowly and close. Dana moved her basket a little and an arm stuck out of her car, grabbed her purse and sped off. The police came and took Dana's statement - got the license number from Dana - and then nothing came of it. Three weeks later the thief was arrested in another town while doing the same thing. The lady was brought back to College Station later for trial. While in jail awaiting her outcome this lady was baptized into Christ by a man who attends our congregation....Now What? The challenge is to see this woman in a new light - she is now a sister in Christ - so what about forgiveness from the Groves? God has made her right with himself so now she is right with us. Both glorious and challenging. What God has done for us he has done for another. Just how great is that!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Folks - there is something wrong with my blog cite - sometimes I cannot post and the last time it only posted part of my blog - the end of EXACTLY is that WHEW! we do not have to be exact - our job is to trust in God and live like the tells us to live - I hope this last part makes it - wish me luck Foree

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So just how right do we have to get it to be right with God? There is bible study and interpretation, prayer (unceasing), communion (in the right manner), singing (from the heart not just the memory), church attendance (mandatory if the elders demand), benevolence (even when we think people are just taking advantage), whew! Then there is the "Greatest Command" and added to that is that we have to love even our enemies - and if we only love those who love us we have not accomplished anything - everyone does that! THEN there is the moral demand of God "be perfect as I am perfect" and beyond that is the heart matter. It is not enough in the NT just to commit adultery you cannot even lust or take a second look (and the way women dress that is real hard not to do...). What about evangelism - remember the sermon "you cannot go to heaven alone" and the song "You Never Mentioned Him To Me?" And what about if you have committed the BIG sins: adultery, divorce,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here Again

This blogging remind me of my walk with God. I sense the need to take a moment and write - for my own good and remembrance. Yet - the days go by and being busy with life taking the time becomes a question of taking the time to do it...then I return and write again...and when I do I am benefited...
God is present, waiting, hoping, providing for our time with him. He watches us do our things in this life he gave us...he waits...we continue on, consumed with many good things...the Father waits...then at some moment we return perhaps in prayer or reading or a moment in church as if to say "I'M BACK!...those are the moments when God is right there- open arms - warm heart - willing - able - ready....
I am so happy to have Him, my father, "Abba" - he is patient and I am glad - Foree