Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More on Thorns

The bible is full of people..just people, not heroes or special people, just people. There was/is only one special person, the anointed one, Jesus. Other than that you have people from Moses to John the Apostle who were just human beings created in God's image. Every one of them and us have one thing in common..we are all sinners...and our sins come because we live in a world where Satan is active and he tries to pull us away from God our Father. Our sins are the thorns of our lives. Some of them we cause some are caused by others ( look what Adam and Eve did to us).
People in scripture are not commended for their ability to remain thorn less...they are commended because they had faith in God. They trusted him to do what they could not imagine being done. They had faith that he would un-complicate the lives they had complicated. They lived just like we live, by faith and from day to day. It was no easy task for Moses to return to Egypt and it was real difficult for Abraham to drag Isaac up Moriah with sacrifice on his mind. Rahab risked it all to believe that God was behind the spies. Peter, James and John took quite a leap when they hooked up with the other 8 and decided to follow Jesus. Trust, faith in God, is the deliverer from the thorns of life which come our way because of our sin. Trusting Christ is the issue of our existence.