Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It Arrives

In Ecclesiastes the writer has a chapter on time and points out there is a time for everything in this "under the sun" world. We travel through time, quite rapidly as we look back, doing the things we need to do and some things we could DO without. Important events come and go like graduation, marriage, anniversaries, birthdays and finally death. It all goes by and then THE MOMENT arrives when "our time comes" and we are done. No longer here. No more moments, no more events, no more things we do...the great equalizer visits all of us and the grave marker marks us.
Barbara Jackson
A fine, full of faith lady, who lived her life for her family
and for the Lord had her moment yesterday.
Now I look back at her life, the one I knew,
and realize what her life was about.
It was about this moment.

Her moment arrived and she was ready.
It reminds me that IT will ARRIVE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Psalm 20 - For Others

Intercessory prayer can have great benefit for others as they face the eventualities of is left to our imagination all that can and does happen to people in different stages of life. So Psalm 20 would be a great passage to read as we consider entering the throne room on behalf of another...
"May the Lord answer you when you are in distress...
May he send you help from the sanctuary...
May he remember all your sacrifices...
May he give you the desires of your heart...
The Psalmist hopes from protection, support, acceptance and success as God listens to the prayers for self and others. "We trust in the name of the Lord" (v7). God will answer when we call. Give it a try. Foree

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Psalm 85 Just Think What He Has Done

The Psalmists relived their journey with God as they wrote their praise or question or commentary. Jewish people of faith who had this long history with Jehovah. Their relationship with God had to do with their faith and their land. They knew HE was theirs. So when they wrote their songs they remembered all He had done. As you read Psalm 85 take a look back over your life (as if it is God's land)...the ups and downs...times when you were strong as horseradish (as per Bob D.) and times when you were weak as milk...moments of joy and sadness...and the Father was always there...So the Psalmist remembers...note the words which marked the work of God in this singers life.......favor...restored...forgave...covered....put away displeasure...revive...unfailing love...peace...salvation...faithfulness....give what is good...prepares...these are our remembrances. The Father has always been there doing his good things and holding back his anger when we deserved for him to be mad. What a wonderful Father he is....we "rejoice"-v6. What would your words be? Foree

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Psalm 18:1-19 Take a Moment

Take a moment and read Psalm 18:1-19. Now there are some things to remember: Psalms are poetry - Hebrew poetry; some of the metaphors are new to us like "horn" and "stronghold" but you can tell what they mean - God is hero, conqueror, dependable. Remember this is POETRY not history or it like a Hallmark card. Too much analyzing spoils the effect. Remember to IMAGINE while the verses roll by. See the pictures in your heart and mind. Catch the spirit of the words like a poem in a card from a friend.

This Psalm is about God as SAVIOR. His beloved is in dire need ("the cords of death entangled me"). The Savior's anger is against those who punish his loved one. So, God storms out of heaven guns a blazing. He rides on the wind to rescue and save. He is like a mother saving her child from those who would destroy and kill. The love, power and gentleness of God are apparent. The Psalm reminds us that in our trouble God is aware and responsive. Finishing verse 19 leaves a picture of comfort, peace and salvation. God is always ready when trouble comes...He loves us so...(John 3:16). Foree

Monday, June 8, 2009

1 Cor. 1:10 - "Speak the same thing..."

So one reads 1 Corinthians 1:10 and comes away teaching that the family of God must be of the same "mind and judgment" on everything and the 'fun" begins. One brother believes Praise Teams are a sin...another that you cannot support orphan homes with "church money." Still another sister thinks the Spirit dwells only through the word while her husband believes in personal indwelling. The exchange of ideas and breadth of beliefs are myriad. Each believer believing their perspective is correct. In time, often, since the "same mind and judgment" cannot be found division occurs, communication stops and fellowship is withdrawn. Is that what Paul had in mind in the passage cited?

Read the passage again but do not take 1:10 out of context. Avoid turning it into a proof text. After Paul makes the comment, inspired by the Spirit I might add, he asks some questions: "Is CHRIST divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized into the name of Paul? What is his point. the questions points all the divided brothers right back to Christ. Interestingly they were all baptized into the name of the one who died on the cross for them - Jesus Christ. He is the one about whom they are to speak the same thing and have the same judgment. He is the one in whom they put their trust. He is the one they hear. If we believers agree on Christ unity exists. Then we follow Paul's advice from 1 Cor. 8 when we still disagree on details but the basis for our unity remains intact. Good news again.!