Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our Sonshine and Cornerstone schools have a playground which was recently gone over with a fine tooth comb by State Inspectors and it, the playground was found lacking. The requirements were a new professionally built border twelve inches high filled to the brim with a special mulch created especially for playgrounds. This mulch is about three grinds away from sawdust - very fine.
This required procedure was going to cost a bundle until yours truly along with a friend volunteered to do the manual labor - tractors, shovels, rakes etc...We finished today after beginning a week ago Monday. It seemed easy enough to do - then it rained and rained - then we realized 80 yards of mulch was not enough - ended up using 160 yards - in the middle of rain storms - asking for volunteers then cancelling due to rain - asking for volunteers and then canceling due to rain...
The little emergency took over for several days....I found myself mulching and fitting in the rest of the things I had to do between reminds me of how emergency issues can over take us and the really more foundational things can be fitted in...the experience made me grateful for more normal days without little emergencies...So mulching is over and I learned something...done for the day....Foree


Lauren Lucille said...

Mr. GROVE!!!

Wanted to tell you that when I was in your class before the wedding and the move, I really enjoyed your teaching.

What I loved most through your was that you made sure that when ever we answered your questions, it was backed up by scripture, not just a random thought or feeling.

Sometimes I can be kinda...ummm...whatever goes!!! =)So learning through this kind of teaching is awesome and challenges us to do the same in our lives. So thank you!!

Hope you and your beautiful wife are having a great week!!!

Lauren Lucille said...

Umm...please over look all grammar mistakes. It's genetic.

Foree said...

Now that is one upobeat sure are having fu - I like it..foree