Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Some of my most vivid memories are of songs and singers. At home we would gather with our family or family and friends - usually after a meal - and we would sing. Our church had picnics in the mountains (I was raised in northern New Mexico) and after the burgers were eaten we would sing. At church camp we sang. Youth devotionals included singing. "Singing" has a ring when you say it. The word itself is melodious. The writers of songs are not inspired but their words put to music are often as close to the inspired message as one can get.
Take a moment and remember a song - When Peace Like A River - or Listen To My Heart - whatver song your might choose and start singing. As you sing think and feel the message the words deliver and consider how the music itself prompts relfection and emotion, feeling and thought. It is an amazing thing TO SING. As Darryl Tippen wrote in THAT'S WHY WE SING; Sing, Sing, Sing - it is an amazing moment which thrills the soul and transports us right into the heavenly throne room. Give it a try and watch the blues or the worries or the dread mealt away - Sing And Be Happy - sing and the happiness comes. Foree

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am not sure about the making of wine and just what all goes into the process. I am sure that I have some doubts about people who say "I can taste the berry" or "this is kind of frutty" or "musky" etc... But I just do not know about the making...I know it does not happen by itself. Grape juice left in a bottle will not end up a fine Merlot with lots of "body." Wine has to be made - that is why Jesus' miracle in John 2 was a miracle...
Relationships, like wine, have to be made. Men and women cannot just fall into marriage - it has to be done, made, produced. Friendship does not work well when the relationship is taken for granted...Spirituality, relationship with God, is a process, begun like marriage with a commitment, but constructed by a way of life. Faith begins very simply, it is belief in God. As time goes by and belief deepens through experience, prayer, trial and personal encounter with God's Spirit it is deepened and this trusting, dependant relationship emerges. So, life is a dynamic encounter with God in which personal commitment crosses with God's care. The result is a fine, full bodied, tasty and enjoyable experience. Like wine, spirituality is made....it comes out of process and it is fine.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


What would happen if we opened up to God with no , I mean no reservations?
When I found Dana she was IT! It did not matter we only had a few dates over a few months period of time. It did not matter my folks were scared because she came out of the blue. It did not matter I had no money for a ring or that everything was not lined up just right....it did not matter that our engagement was not long enough...she was it and that was that....it was a love struck young man knowing he found her and nothing else mattered - no reason in the world would ahve kept me away...this was IT! I did not wonder how I knew - I did not seek advice - I did not
What if we took God like that...no "ifs" "ands" "buts" just okay here I am, take me, change me, guide me, use me....I am here to do your will O God.....
What a life we would have...just open up to God without reservation and trust him to do with us what he wills...what a life we would have...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


In 1Samuel, King Saul lost his throne because he failed to destroy all the Amaliktes. Shortly afterward David was anointed king, however, it is not until 2 Samuel 5 (many years later) that David actually took the throne. During his time of waiting all kinds of terrible things took place: Saul tried to kill David, Johnathan and David formed an alliance to protect David from Saul, Abner, Saul's "General" fought against David after Saul's death, David's own son Absolom campaigned against his Father....there were wars and killings and basically a civil war among the Israelites. Then when the wars were over David took the throne.
Now why did God allow all of that mayhem instead of just crowning David and have it finished? Why the wait for David?
Those questions can only be answered by God. God does things in his own time and our job is to trust Him even if we do not know why things happen the way they do. God's will, will be done. Our job is to trust him no matter what. TIME is nothing to God. It is everything to us. No matter how slowly time goes by, and no matter what happens, God is to be trusted. Our job is to trust, not to reason why. The only thing that matters is what God wills and what God thinks.