Tuesday, August 26, 2008


You might find CARDBOARD SERMON on U TUBE and take a look. It is a sermon without words (something for which everyone has hoped ). This sermon grows out of the lives and experiences people have had in their walk with the Lord. It is testimony about what God has done in their lives and the whole sermon prompts praise to God for his wonderful work in them through Christ. The people involved walk up with a piece of cardboard with a message on it. The first message describes an incident, a sin, a problem, a struggle the person is having or has had. Then the sign is flipped over and the solution from God or praise to God for relief is displayed. Some of the signs deal with sin, others with health issues, others with spiritual growth, all of them wonderful. Give it a look see and note how God helps with the "THORNS" in our lives. HE is worthy of praise!
Richland Hills Church in Fort Worth did a similar service. If youcannot find the one on U TUBE then go to the Richland Hills web cite and see theirs. Foree

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