Sunday, August 24, 2008

Faith - Suffering and God

A person writes that he/she wonder what big sin Adam and Eve committed...and where was the "forgiving God" when they sinned? Adam and Eve's sin - led by Eve and Adam just was "there," had to do with faith, not the nature of the sin itself. Eating from a tree - maybe an apple?, does not seem all that big a deal. And why did God just not forgive them? the issue between God and the two created ones was faith. When God told them to stay away from the tree of knowledge he was trying to guide them into eternal life (eating from the tree of life would be their only other choice). According to scripture God just told them to leave it alone or they would die. The consequences of not trusting God would be dire.
When God gave them direction they had to trust him, that he was telling them the truth. The test for Adam and Eve was whether or not they would believe God or do what they wanted. They chose the later (Genesis 3). Instead of trusting God they listened to the tempter and to their own desires and appetites. God did not kill them immediately, but death did enter the human scene.
The issue of their lives and ours is believing and trusting God. If we do not do that all is lost.

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