Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prayer and God's Will

I have been giving some thought to the last post on this blog. I am wondering if God might answer our prayer to the detriment of another? Suppose a loved one is hurting or ill...our usual desire is for them to quit hurting or be healed. What if we pray for that and God honors our prayer but what is really best for the hurting one is to hurt or for the sick person to pass on to the Lord?
This is a tough question. We often view death as something to be avoided but perhaps the best thing in some situations is for the person to die and be with God (read Philippians1:20-27). Good for a person to die? Sounds odd. But how does God view death? Is it the end of our journey or the real purpose for our existence?
So, we might consider the "will of God" in our prayers. Maybe this is why we should pray "they will be done." It is not an out for God but the deliverance of our will to His will. We can ask for whatever we desire but set in His will. God answers according to his desires, not ours. Foree


da momma said...

i love your thoughts and miss your teachings...thanks to the blog - I can have a taste :) Tell the fam hello! Doesnt Stephen have a blog? I cant find him!

Foree said...

Da Momma - I have not been able to identify you...I know Stephen has a blog but I am not sure of the name...Foree