Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Somewhere along the line "division" became a good and right practice when "doctrine" was involved. Brothers inevitably came to different conclusions regarding scripture. The brothers and sisters were honestly trying to do God's will and be obedient to Him and His word. They also honestly disagreed. So there they were, opposing one another on a biblical subject. When the impasse was noted, seeing no other recourse, they divided. Each had followers or supporters and they took them and off they went. Two groups now, not speaking, arguing, ignoring one another both thinking the other lost for their point of view. It happened over and over and over again and is happening today.

Somewhere along the line "love" lost its meaning. It was no longer the greatest command. The "greatest command" must have been about the issue which precipitated the division since unity was ignored. Relationships broken, friendships ended, communion unshared, communication stopped and churches split because points of view became more important than Christ and his love for us and our love for one another.

Views of the Trinity, running baptismal water, communion cups, prayer order during communion, marriage and divorce, the Holy Spirit operating only through the word, having bible class, building a gym, orphan homes, Herald of Truth out of Abilene, churches giving money to Christian colleges, kitchens, buildings themselves, literature used in bible classes, raising hands, bowing down, praise teams, Christians serving in the military, pacifism, premillinialism, instrumental music, hermeneutics, missionary support, church cooperation, evolution, and on and on the list goes....Brethren dividing, ignoring, and speaking about one another in journals and to other people because they disagreed. Each one of them truly thinking they were RIGHT. In it all the love of Christ, patience, perseverance, etc...(1 Cor. 13) is abandoned. All in the name of "doctrine." The "greatest command" becomes the second greatest command because MY doctrine is first. What a shame. Foree

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