Friday, September 5, 2008


Today I had to pass by the house to meet a family member. As I drove up there was a nice steel Smoker sitting in my driveway. I have been looking at them for awhile - you know the kind that are constructed from heavy gauge steel with wheels and use real wood rather than propane? Anyway there it was. A note was attached, written on plain notebook paper, "Delivered by a 'thorn'." Anonymous gift. A pleasant surprise. Enjoyment for me and for them. Prompted by a lesson from God we (giver and receiver) learned from His book. Happy moment, fun!
"Thorns" come and go and somewhere wrapped inside of them are God's blessings. Hidden amidst the trial, a surprise gift. The recipient left to ask, "Why would God bless me so?"
A message about thorns - a message from God's book - a gift given - unannounced.
Isn't God wonderful. Every once in awhile he leaves a gift...I might plan a meal some day and invite some guests and the giver might be among them, watching me enjoy the gift. God just keeps on giving...nice!


da momma said...

thats a great story! I can see your smiling face right now! :)

Foree said...

So now I know who you are! Glad you are on line with me...Foree