Friday, September 26, 2008


This blog addresses an issue which has plagued our brotherhood for decades - division. Division can only take place when someone has the intent to divide and others align with him/her with the intent to divide. Division is not an idea but an action. When someone is divisive they intend to create something new from something that already exists or make two out of one.

So a person presents a new idea about something biblical. Perhaps their new thought or approach is different than former thinking or approaches. Their idea may or may not be biblically correct but they may hold it passionately. Is the new idea or interpretation or methodology divisive? It is, only if the person who presents it as a foundation or as a reason to divide or if one who hears it decides there must be a division or separation! The new thing could be polarizing, that is, people line up on different sides of the isle but it does not and cannot become divisive unless someone seeks division. Paul warns us about a person who is divisive and does not continue in God's teaching (Romans 16).

The divisive person is the person who divides or tries to divide. Another perspective or opinion is just that. Ideas, perspectives, interpretations do not divide, divisive people divide. Divisive people are not to be tolerated. We have to tolerate different matters of faith (ideas or beliefs - Romans 14) but not people who use their idea or faith to divide.

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Cynthia said...

Your comments are very insightful. I have often wondered how a person can communicate an opposing view point without being labled "divisive." A person should be able to question, discuss or debate ideas without being tagged as a divisive person. When I hear comments that I might not agree with, instead of jumping to a divisive conclusion, I should try to foster an attitude of love and respect no matter how much I might disagree with someone's interpretation of scripture or their stance on religious doctrinal matters. I agree with your statement that division is not an idea but an action! Thanks for this post!