Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What To Wear

So the question comes "What to Wear," when it comes to "church." As I consider this question I am wondering just where it originates from a biblical perspective? Is it from 1 Timothy 2 where women are warned about costly dress? Or perhaps it comes from James 1 where God warns about honoring people due to their expensive clothing? In the Old Testament the priests were to wear a certain type of clothing and it was costly. But we are not priests of the old order and where in our New Testament does God say anything about "dressing for church?" It seems to me it is not addressed by Jesus or his authors. Of course "modesty" is addressed and that should always be the case.
My thought is the question of dress is a cultural one. For years it has been the custom of Christians to have some clothing called "Sunday Best." However, our culture is becoming more and more casual. So, are we to dress up or down? I am wondering what it is God looks at as we come before him on Sunday? Is He concerned with how we look (of course we are to be modest) or does he consider the heart of the matter-the heart? I wonder if the poor would be less appreciated by God than the rich (relative to dress or any other standard)? In all of the New Testament I find no instruction about dress before God. Is it wrong to dress "up?" Certainly not unless we are ostentatious or calling attention to ourselves. Is it wrong to dress "down?" certainly not unless we seek to call attention to ourselves.
Jesus teaches relative to "acts or righteousness" -Matthew 6- that we do them between us and God. Our "acts: are not to be done from humans to see but done between God and us. When we come together we are to do what edifies and builds up (1 Cor. 14). I just cannot find any biblical mandate what so ever about how we are to dress when we do the "acts." So, if we seek to be modest before Him, that should be appropriate and any standard we set from a cultural perspective is simply that, our standard. Well dressed or not, God wants something going on inside. What are your thoughts? Foree


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

This is good... bc sometimes as an AfCer your best is "getting a shower, brushing your hair, putting on a TAMU sweatshirt, some comfy shorts/pants, and flipflops"... Praise God that he loves regardless if our clothes are "holy" or not (pun totally intended).

da momma said...

i think your Sunday best can be the clothes that you can worship Him in the Best...if its to be comfy...or to be feeling pretty...depends on the day and situations...love your thoughts