Monday, September 28, 2009


Relationship is the issue of scripture. Acts 17:27 tells us God made and ordered the world "so that men would seek out to him and find him..." That is our job and that reflects God's will. In the OT all the rules and procedures were not so that humanity could learn do do things just right but to form relationship with the Father (Matthew 23:23-26). Jesus tells us In Matthew 6:1-18 that "acts of righteousness" are between the Father and us, individually. As we reach out to the Father it is for the creation of spiritual connection with him. The acts we do only have meaning if that connection exists or is in process.

Relationship as foundational in the faith experience is reflected in the "greatest command" which is to love God and one another. Matthew 18:6 tells us that it cause another to sin is punishable by the millstone being tied around the neck while being cast into the sea (not much chance of reversal there!). In the same text we are told to cut off our hand if it destroys our relationship with God. Matthew 18:15 and 5:23-24 teach that relationship with each other has to precede any acts of righteousness before God.

Imagine brothers in Christ treating each other unkindly or dismissively due to disagreement. Imagine churches full of believers ignoring one another because they see things in the bible differently. Imagine fighting and arguing in a disagreeable fashion to the point that relationship is destroyed.

Jesus died for our sins. He died to establish our relationship to God. He died because he loves us. If we are worth that much to Jesus should we not be worth that to each other?

Relational theology is the theology of scripture. Relationship to God and each other (God being first) is more important that anything else. I wonder if relational theology would keep brothers closer to God and one another and perhaps stop the threats of division? Foree

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