Thursday, September 10, 2009

What to Wear - 2

Too often when questions arise debates or "answers" have more to do with custom, likes and dislikes than with scripture. Jesus warned about the danger of "traditions" (Matt. 15:6ff) as they "set aside" the word of God. There is this argument that people should "give God their best" - relative to dress - yet the bible never says anything like this regarding what we wear. It does not even make good sense usually we wear more casual clothing on Sunday PM.
Practice (they way we do things) or tradition become cemented in our minds. When someone asks why we do it we respond out of our practice rather than out to God's will. When we do this we "set aside" the word of God in order to be guided by what we are used to doing (tradition). Now don't get me wrong, tradition is a wonderful thing - it sure makes Christmas and Thanksgiving nice - but when it becomes some point of "truth" for us then our guide is what we do rather than what God has said. How careful we must be! Foree

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