Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Assembly time is important for the church family as a whole and for individuals. It really is not a time for close, interpersonal interaction. It is actually rather difficult to have horizontal connection in assembly. The room, in which the assembly time takes place, is usually structured so that everyone faces forward with focus on the whoever is in front, looking at the back of their neighbors head.

The video posted on the blog touches on what happens to us individually when we assemble. It all has to do with the heart or attitude we bring to that hour. The essence of assembly is thinking about our Father and our Lord. The songs, prayers, communion etc...are for us to look inside and up to the Father. It really is a time for reflection and thoughtful spiritual introspection. I am sure the fellow in the video is correct, Satan has a field day messing with us at assembly times:

Worry about how you look....worry about the details and structure of the service: is the preacher dressed "right?"....are the songs too slow or too fast or too high or too low...is the singing done well...is communion done appropriately...are the babies too loud...are there too many announcements...did I
have time to read the bulletin...and on and on it goes...Satan distracting us about the distractions and all the while the songs are sung, the head is bowed, the sermon is presented and then we leave IF WE GET OUT ON TIME...

So - where is my heart and soul at assembly time? Great question. Foree

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