Saturday, July 26, 2008


Let me encourage you to read Leviticus chapters 1-6 and follow along with this blog. Notice the offerings made by Israel were a sweet "aroma" to God. Not the odor of the meat but the faith which prompted its presentation. "Sacrifice" is just that, a sacrifice. Lambs, goats and cattle marked the wealth of the people of the OT. When they sinned they had to sacrifice something. To kill such a valuable holding was indeed a sacrifice. The sacrifice could not be nay old goat. It had to be one of "proper value" since it was being offered to pay the "penalty" for sin. So when sin takes place it comes with a price tag - that price has to be paid. Not just anything will do.
So, what is valuable enough to pay for the sins of the whole world (See 1 John 2:1-2). Only God himself. The death of one divine was the price of payment for our sin. this follows exactly what our father set forth as the remedy for sin.
What more can I do not be saved? Nothing. The price is paid in full. All God requires of us is faith in what HE has done. No matter how bad - Jesus is worth it. Forgiveness if offered at the price of Christ if we will receive it in faith. Jesus is the sweet aroma - not us. God paid the penalty - not us. Once for all the sacrifice was made - by God, not us. There is nothing for us to do but trust. Foree

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