Monday, July 21, 2008


So recently given a number of very significant thorns, mostly in the lives of others this time, I am reminded of how ready I am to see the Lord. It would be of great relief to hear the trumpet about now. It is not depression or a death focus it is just the relief which will come when the end is upon us and the reality of the thorny world is no longer a reality.
I suppose the end times, eschatology as the scholars call it, has never been a very pleasant thought to me. I remember singing There's a Great Day Coming and always being more focused on the Sad Day Coming than the Great Day Coming. To me, growing up, judgment was a a thing to be avoided as long as possible. Stay alive for as many years as you can because judgment is at best a chancy thing. I might make it but then again I might not so, since eternity is so long it is better to stay here and put off the inevitable as long as possible.
Not so today...a new perspective for me (relatively speaking I have had it awhile now) is that judgment day is not about me but about me IN CHRIST. The focus of Jesus' new order is that He is the focus, HE is the Savior, Friend, Sacrifice, Obedience etc...HE IS THE WAY (John 14) I cannot come to the Father except through HIM. HE himself is the peace for which people look, he is the forgiveness people need and he is the hope every person lives on, or should live on. The eschatology of Christ is that HE takes care of the final days. He has prepared a place and HE will come again to get me, all of us...we simply trust Him to do what he said HE would fine...COME LORD end to the thorns will be right nice...

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