Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thorns - Here They Come Again

The last two and one half weeks have been a mixture of glory to God for his creation and for rest and praise to God for being there when once again life is interrupted with a thorn or two. Part of my family and I gathered at our cabin in southern Colorado for some relaxation. Last winter the snow fall was over the top. That resulted in a lot of run off and very green fields and mountain sides and rivers and streams full to the brim and running at very high speeds. The rivers were so fast that dry flies cast into them were just swept along. The calm spots were few and far between and in those spots the fish did not respond very well at all. So, fishing was difficult and in some places impossible. But was it ever green and beautiful. The cabin time was warm, familial and relaxing. Eating, games, resting, reading, visiting etc...were the plans of the day with fishing interspersed throughout. We did manage to catch come 44 Brookies at the beaver ponds and have a nice meal on Friday before we left for home.
In the middle of the two week vacation and family gathering a very wonderful lady at our home died. She had been in a battle with cancer, had to leave her teaching job which she loved and became clinically depressed. Her depression and loss of perspective took her away from her husband of 25 years and her two teenage daughters and many very close friends. "Thorns,"... they arrive at any time with no respect for time, energy, patience etc...they just come. I flew home for the funeral and was blessed to be of service to the family.
So when thorns arrive coming for whatever reason we can only respond in faith. It means we trust God no matter how terrible the circumstance to guide us along as we try and do our best in response. It is here that God's grace is most visible. He works through various individuals in various ways depending on the gifts He has given. Some are there for words to say, others for prayers they pray and many to hold and reassure and just be present. It is time to trust, explanations fall short of offering real relief. Theological discussions touch the mind but in these moments it is the heart felt needs that have to be addressed. What we have learned, what we know and believe about God (theology) is lived out personally in the interaction of souls in times of high grief and stress.
The most amazing thing is God at work, doing His thing like He did when He caused the snow of the winter in cold Colorado to green the spring fields and wet the dry summer. Amazing as that is to see and enjoy it is even more amazing to see our Savior at work in people in time of thorny tragedy. That is the real blessing. For His grace I am thankful.

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J Katy Garner said...

Foree, I just wanted to tell you how I was blessed getting to hear you speak at the funeral. I fell she was honored and celebrated and it felt as if you were speaking to everyone individually instead of addressing a large and varied group.
Thank you for your words!