Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have a Read

Take a few minutes and read 2 Samuel 13-19:8 - well, it will take more than a few minutes. As you read the account of Absalom's conspiratorial attempt at taking the God given throne of David away (from his father no less) take mental notes about the human activity. By human activity I mean how those human beings operated...they were politically motivated, self serving, "get ahead at any cost" people. Absalom murdered his brother Amnon because he (Amnon) raped THEIR sister Tamar. Joab, David's "general" was taken out of that post by the King (his position was awarded to Amasa [19:13] and then Joab acted like his "brother" and killed him [20"9-10] in order to get his position back. Shemei (relative to Saul and still mad he was not king) spat, kicked dirt and threw rocks at David and his entorage as they passed through his area THEN after David beat Absolam he comes crawling back for forgiveness [19:18ff]. Ahithophel, David's adviser leaves David for Absalam and the kills himself when Absalam quits taking his advice (David had asked God to thwart his wisdom). On and on it goes. People acting just like people, wanting their way, desiring to be popular or well known - lying, cheating, back biting that their agenda would win out...THROUGH IT ALL God's will is carried out...God's mind does not change...and all the shenanigans in the world fail to foil the will of God. When will we learn to have faith in God and quit trying to manipulate events for the purpose of fulfilling our own personal agendas??? Lesson learned - I hope - foree (Soon a look at David)

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Molly said...

...and all the shenanigans in the world fail to foil the will of God.

Stumbled on your blog today... I can't WAIT to tell Dad you have a blog... of course, maybe he knows that already!!!!!! I love the way you put that part I quoted above... A good reminder that I needed to read... :) Love ya'll!!!