Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another One

It happens way to often...someone has a disagreement with a brother and decides that the issue, if not resolved, must result in separation. Several years ago a church began using an "affirmation" step in their elder selection process. The "affirmation" step apparently is applied in different ways by different brethren. First two brothers began debating the "issue" each of them coming from different points of view. After some discussion (and these brothers were both well trained, honest, capable preachers) the two could not come to consensus on this "affirmation" aspect of elder selection. So what is the solution? Divide. Brothers brought together in the blood of Jesus, immersed in his name, disagree over a facet of process men created and use to select elders. Now the brothers no longer give support, emotional or otherwise, to one another. One even calls his "use to be" brother a false teacher. So now once again a new church begins or established ones cannot have anything to do with one another...all in the name of truth. This is truth about something the bible does not include...the manner or methodology of appointing elders (unless you subscribe to Paul's way told to Timothy). So, God chooses not to explain the procedure of selecting elders and two brothers divide over a manner of doing it some other brother dreams the process the blood of Christ is forgotten, brotherhood is torn, feelings are hurt and on and on it the "issue" becomes more important than Christ...and Christ did not even mention the issue in the first place. So here is ANOTHER ONE, another reason to divide..."affirmation".....when will it end? Foree

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