Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting the Picture

Jesus did it to Peter (Mark 8:33). Strong words needed for someone Jesus loved. Were Jesus' words loving, kind, patient, considerate of Peter's feelings??? At this point in time Jesus was letting his followers in on a very important aspect of their "followship" ( I made up that word)...Jesus was teaching them that a time would come when he would be gone. So, when Peter began to "rebuke him" Jesus said what he needed to say. It was the right thing to do. Peter HAD to get the picture and understand what Jesus' work here was really about.
Sometimes it is necessary for strong words to be spoken. These words are not un-Christian or even unkind they are what the need to be. Sometimes we need to know, we need to think, we need to get the picture and we can't do unless someone says what they NEED to say. Being "nice" is not always helpful or even truthful. I am sure Peter was a little hurt and it may have even been awhile before he got over this moment. But it all had to happen. Strong words sometimes are the best policy. Foree

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