Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Recently we have been through a rather serious drought. We were told to only water two days a week - in some places they were told to stop watering altogether. Then, a few weeks ago in began to rain and rain it did. For several weeks in a row it rained every day and sometimes it rained "cats and dogs." At the present my sprinkler system is off and has been off for some time. So, for awhile we were dry and now we are wet.

In times like this I wonder what God has in mind. If I were God I would make things go along at an even keel. It would rain every once in awhile and then it would be dry so that things did not get too wet.

So, different times come and go. What is God doing? Maybe, nothing, he might just be letting take its course for a time. I wonder if the dry times make us pray and he waits to answer (like in the woman at midnight in the bible) to see if we will hang in there? Maybe in the long run it is good to be too dry and too wet form time to time? Maybe God mixes it up so that we will not get too secure? Maybe the dry times just make us more thankful? Maybe there is a lot about God we do not know and that is why we "walk by faith and not by sight?" (That is 2 Cor. 5:7 by the way).

I guess my job here is to trust God in all situations, at every turn realizing He does not change and is not effected by dry and wet....Perhaps my job is not to have all the answers but to trust the one who is really in control.....Foree

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da momma said...

love how you make me think...and you make me smile :) love u 4E