Thursday, October 1, 2009


If someone asked me to make a list of sins I doubt I would include "grumbling." Maybe because I might be one? It is interesting what strikes us as unimportant. Probably we grumble along about one thing or another never really thinking about implications or even the effect it might have on others. Does not seem to be a really big thing to most of us most of the time, most likely. Then reading along in scripture you come to a passage like 1 Corinthians 10:10 and added to the list of Israel's sins (along with sexual immorality and idolatry) and there it is, "grumbling." One might even wonder why it is offensive to God. But then, it is. Given some thought it is obvious that the grumbling of Israel began the whole thing that led to the golden calf. Grumble a little, thoughts turn negative, grumble some more, thoughts crystallize, thinking changes and before you know it grumbling as developed into full grown dislike or even hate. Following that actions are changed and before long you are down on your knees praying to a calf or doing something you shouldn't and it all began with a grumble. "She sure isn't as pretty as she used to be." "He preaches to long." "Those songs sure were slow." ....grumble, grumble grumble....4E

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