Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Am Off

I know that title may result in a "You said it man!" But what it means is I am off for a two week vacation with my family at our cabin in Colorado. This year my boys and I along with a brother -in-law and nephew and their wives are adding decks to our cabin. Maybe I can take some pictures and put them on my blog if I can figure our how. If you want to see a really great blog go to Stephen's...he is a busy boy fishing, sky diving, deep sea diving and gardening...poor guy he does not have enough fun! So see whoever is out there in two weeks. Foree


The Robinsons said...

Have a great trip! I look forward to seeing the photos!

da momma said...

Have fun and get Stephen to help you do the pics! He is living life to the fullest thats for sure!

da momma said...

ok saw pics fo the cabin on Sheridan and Stephens get him to help you put your fav pics on there! WHEre is this cabin? Have yall built the whole thing?? BEAUTIFUL