Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It Arrives

In Ecclesiastes the writer has a chapter on time and points out there is a time for everything in this "under the sun" world. We travel through time, quite rapidly as we look back, doing the things we need to do and some things we could DO without. Important events come and go like graduation, marriage, anniversaries, birthdays and finally death. It all goes by and then THE MOMENT arrives when "our time comes" and we are done. No longer here. No more moments, no more events, no more things we do...the great equalizer visits all of us and the grave marker marks us.
Barbara Jackson
A fine, full of faith lady, who lived her life for her family
and for the Lord had her moment yesterday.
Now I look back at her life, the one I knew,
and realize what her life was about.
It was about this moment.

Her moment arrived and she was ready.
It reminds me that IT will ARRIVE.

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