Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My brother's name is Walter. HE is my brother because he was born of my Mom and Dad. We are caring the exact same DNA - we found this out when I gave him a kidney - so are brothers. So our brotherhood was established regardless of what we did.

People who confess the name of Jesus and are dead to themselves via immersion have been made one as brothers in Jesus Christ. It is because of him, himself that things which hold people apart are gone..due to Jesus unity exists. Like brothers by blood believers are brothers because of the blood of Christ. The requirement for this brotherhood is faith in Jesus as God's sin offering. So when one is immersed in Jesus' name he is in the family of God.

If we could embrace this foundation - being Jesus himself- we would be embracing unity IN CHRIST. Inside that oneness there would be differences in maturity of faith, in personal applications of God's will, in points of opinion etc...but unity would great is that! Foree

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