Thursday, January 15, 2009

Matthew 7:1-5

Another penetrating thought from the Master. Jesus knew human kind all too well. Ever heard someone say "I have a sense about people....," "I can read people pretty well." My thought is most of those people whom were sensed or read never had a chance to tell you what they were thinking at the time...How easy it is to think we know the motivation of another or know why they think they way they think or do what they do. Husbands and wives never know one another well enough to be on point about why something is said or done.
What about error? Why do people believe some of the things they believe? " I know why, they are dishonest or perhaps a little stubborn or they just will not listen to what is right." Talk about arrogance! But how would one know if a person who just made the last statement was arrogant?
Only ONE person knows the heart, motivation and desire of another (unless it is spelled out). We humans have no telepathy which allows us to interpret the inside of another. Oh we can see when an action is wrong or when a stated belief is out of line with God's will. But looking beneath that, beyond the words into the spirit and mind belongs only to God. Jesus reminds us in the passage above to leave judgment to God. Verse 6 tells us to be aware of people who reject God's will (don't give pigs pearls) but we must never make the mistake of going beyond that and thinking we can sense anothers heart, motivation or spirit. What a relief...I do not have to answer for anyone except myself. How liberating not to have to decide about your inner workings. We leave that to the all knowing Father. Foree

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