Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Matthew 5:37!

There are a lot of really heavy commands from Jesus. If you call someone a fool you are in danger of hell fire (Matt. 5:22). If you only love people who love you, you have not accomplished anything (5:47). You cannot even lust let alone commit fornication (5:28) and you should cut your hand off if it causes you to sin. Then there is 5:37 - "let your 'yes' be yes and your 'no,' no." Keep your word Jesus says!
If you sign a contract - keep it! If you make an appointment - show up! If you tell someone you will help them move - do it! If you promise at the altar to be there till you die - hang around! Promises are made, agreements are entered and vows are taken. Sadly not keeping one's word does not seem as grave as adultery or being unloving. Oh well, I changed my mind, my heart is not in it, it is monetarily beneficial to do something different. Another road is taken, a different decision made and a word is broken. No big deal. Except to Jesus who believed your word should be your bond. Foree


SheridanLeftwich said...

Thanks Foree! I needed this message.

da momma said...

meeeee tooooo! Thanks 4E! love you!