Monday, October 6, 2008


There is something startling about death. In 11th grade I was walking on the sidewalk to start my day at Manzano High in Albuquerque. I was walking and talking with friends, books in arm, having a great time.....I walked right into a no parking pole...I fell down, books went flying, glasses fell off...everyone laughed...
We walk along in life, having the time of our life, or maybe just muddling a surprise in the night without warning (sometimes) death of another comes our way. The thought is not morbid or cynical it is just reality. Then, death, for some moments or maybe even days, reminds us of our own temporary spot in this world. We think about mortality, the suddenness of it all and maybe even make some resolutions....then the moment is past.
When I walked into the pole I got up, straightened up and on I went. Same with death. It comes to someone we know or love and we are reminded...then a few days later we are back walking along not giving it another thought...our mistake. God sent Jesus so we would/could be ready. We just have to sure we know what reality really is...Only Jesus can keep us ready. Foree

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