Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy Is Your Name

The intimate relationship between child and parent calls for a familiar term, hence "father" or "abba." This is no meeting between strangers. This is family, a child speaking to his dad but remembering the holy Father. "Let you name be dedicated, separate and pure."

In the earliest of God's written communications He demanded His name not be spoken in plain, ordinary, vulgar and common terms. This is the Father who spoke the worlds into existence and will one day speak their destruction. He sits in the Heavenlies and those in His presence offer glory and honor to His name.

He us holy. There is none like Him. He cannot be tempted and tempts no one. He dwells in light unapproachable. He is the respondent to prayer and the deliverer of grace and mercy. He reaches down from his throne and saves us from our enemies because he delights in us.

There is no comparison to our Father in heaven. He is holy. He is unique. He is above us and in Him there is no disappointment. The Father is faithful and true. He is worthy of double honor.

And this Father of mine has forgiven me by sacrificing his own...HOLY IS YOUR NAME.

Psalm 18:1-19 - The Father who rescues...praise be to his NAME!

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da momma said...

love your thoughts, missed ya in the blog world...keep sharing with us! Thank you for always being so encouraging...I hope to use this in my prayer life...with MY Jesus :)