Thursday, November 13, 2008

MATTHEW 23:37-39

The passage in the title is an interesting read. It says God wanted to
gather the Jews to himself like a "hen gathers her chicks." So why did
He not do it? It it was His will to gather why did the "chicks" stay
scattered? Thepassage says because they "were not willing." The key word
here is "willing." In God's design he gave them a "will." Apparently
the WILL was not going to be ignored by God. God designs WILL into His
world and then has to honor it.
This means it matters what you and I will to do. If we will to walk away from God, God has to honor it because that is how He set it up. God says to us "your will be done!"

Notice in the passage Jesus is lamenting that fact that Israel chose to
stay away. He wept over Jerusalem - it was a sad moment. Desolation is
no easy thing.
So we should be very careful how we live...God HAS to honor when we WILL Him away.

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